Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Try This Out To Make Real Money From Home!

I Get 1000's Of UNIQUES a Day,
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Estimated $10,000 A Day!

I Will Teach You Exactly How!
What You Have To Do:
Buy Some High Quality Targeted Traffic Here.

Gets Up to 5,000 Times Cheaper Than AdWords! One Targeted Visit Only Costs $0.0007 With The Best Plan! Thats cheaper than wholesale traffic!

Cheapest plan - $9 for 1000 Targeted Visits

Best Plan - ( The One I Use ) $699 For 1,000,000 Targeted Visits!
Thats 1 Targeted Visit For $0.000699

Download The Free SEO HandBook that comes with each plan.

Wait Up to 24 Hours for your campaign to start.

Wait For The Traffic To Roll In!

Wait For The Cash To Roll In!

This will work a lot better if you sell a product. Thats how I make the money! If you dont have a product, showing ads is useful, as well.

The Math:

If You Have A Product To Sell:
1,000,000 Visits - $699
Buy Rate 50% (Thats how Targeted The Traffic Is)
500,000 Buys of a $10 Product

After Expenses:
Profit: $ 4,999,301

If You Show Ads
1,000,000 Visits - $699
Click Thru Rate 10%
100,000 Clicks
Estimate $0.70 A Click
$70,000 MADE

After Expenses
Profit: 69,301

If you bought a big plan and subscribed to get emails for it, you will be notified of a special offer that can get you tens of thousands of uniques every month without giving away credit card info!

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